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The Dearborn Chapter packages once a quarter ~ usually in March, June, September, and November. The November packaging is our Holiday Packaging.

SENDING YOUR OWN PACKAGES? ~ A wonderful website that can answer many of your questions on how to pack, what to pack, how to address a package, the cost of packaging, etc. can be found on the US Postal Service website at:


  • NO Chocolate in the warm months!
  • No pork products allowed in the Middle East.
  • Popped pop corn or hard candy makes wonderful package stuffing.
  • If you bake cookies, brownies or the like ~ either package in plastic containers with locking lids, and add a slice of fresh bread to help keep the goodies fresh OR use a food vacuum sealer.
  • Recipe for CAKE/BROWNIES IN A JAR -  This is great for birthdays or another option for sending some homemade goodies.

ATTENTION: If you are a group or organization collecting items and packaging boxes for us to mail ~ please read:

Please use the USPS Large Flat Rate Boxes. Under most circumstances we mail to individual soldiers or troops ~ so please package so that there are a variety of items in each box (e.g. socks, pocket games, batteries, power bars, q-tips, drink mixes, etc all in one box). ALSO IMPORTANT, any toiletries such as soap, deodorant, and other items that have an odor should be put in a zip-close bag, so that the ‘smell’ does not get into other items in the box, especially food! Packages sometimes get very rough handling, so also put any liquids (drink boxes, liquid soap, etc) in zip-close bags to keep the liquid contained just in case the package gets damaged.

Please contact to arrange getting your items to us.